Aroma Therapy Began Our Alternative Holistic Health Journey

I began dabbling in aromatherapy in ’05 while looking for safe bug repellent alternatives for the kids. I ended up completing my Certification of Aromatherapy in ’07 thru ACHS online with the main interest of improving our lives and using the therapeutic properties of essential oils in everyday life.

I have found essential oils to be truly amazing in their therapeutic qualities and fun and easy to blend. Through sharing this knowledge with friends, family, and coworkers, I was asked to make blends for a multitude of issues (massage oils and inhalation blends) that people offered me money to make for them. This spread word-of-mouth like wildfire at work because the blends were very helpful in managing the many health issues. Everyone seemed to like it.


I finally realized that people really wanted and needed alternatives to traditional, expensive big pharma. I love aromatherapy because the essential oils rarely if ever cause side effects.

I was able to encourage people to remain at work who would have otherwise run home because of a sniffle or headache, or their period started with cramping, or their knee was swollen, shoulder or wrist hurt, etc. As you can tell from the current website shop cart, Joint Care is in the top slot of massage oils.

Other massage blends are PMS, Cramps, Digest Ease, Cold-Ex, Bronch Buster, and Refresh. Inhalation blends that have been successful are Sinusitis, Cold/Flu, Childs Cold/Flu, and Mint Conditioning. I’ve made blends for
toothache, general antiseptic, palpitations, hypertension, relaxation, clear thinking, etc.

Today we are embarking on a new era on online communication and this will give us the opportunity to envelop our passion as we share our discoveries with the global community.

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