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Acupuncture / On Pins and Needles with Chinese Medicine!

Acupuncture is an ancient, non-medical technique frequently used in the relief and treatment of chronic pain.  It is the oldest natural-healing method known to man.  In Asian cultures, for more than 2000 years, the skilled application of Acupuncture has served as treatment and preventative for a multitude of conditions.  Acupuncture is also used as a means of enhancing immunity and building recuperative responses.

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Acupuncture for Migraine Relief

Do you experience debilitating headaches or migraines?  Have you taken note of when they occur, where they are located, type of pain, any other harsh symptoms?  Most doctors will want you to keep a log  of these indicators to help in their assessment of your condition.

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Alternative Methods For Sinus Issues

More than annoyance!

Sinusitis is one of the most annoying nasal ailments known to man. Aside from the headache, eyestrain, and stuffy nose that comes with sinusitis, one also has to bear with the difficulty of breathing. For relief from this nasal problem, people often turn to a wide variety of medications available in the marketplace.

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Natural Relief for Arthritis in Aromatherapy

Are you looking for an alternative method of fighting against the discomfort of all those painful –itis brothers?  Here I will share a little about what can be done about it without having to endure all the side effects of conventional medicine. 

Arthritis is a term which is used to describe several diseases of the joints; rheumatoid-, osteo-, and gout.  Usually chronic in nature, arthritis is characterized by pain, stiffness, and swelling due to inflammation.  It causes a decreased range of movement and in more serious cases deformity.  Since the reasons for the occurance of arthritis are still not completely established, it is difficult to find a cure for the disease.  Arthritis could be genetic in nature or it may be due to the typical wear and tear on the joints, or even an infection caused by toxin buildup in the body.  

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Understanding Alternative Medicine in Comparison to Conventional Medicine

Are you wondering which type of medicine or treatment to choose?  Let's look at a quick comparison of conventional medicine and alternative medicine so you'll better understand the advantages and disadvantages of each.

"Conventional medicine" refers to medicine practiced by medical doctors and doctors of osteopath.  Alternative medicine is more of a system of theory and practice that has been used by many different cultures around the world for centuries.  There are several differences in conventional and alternative medicines, but you may also find some practitioners that use both modalities. 

Can Good Health Really Be Promoted?

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