Whatever Happened to my Sex Drive?

Has your sex drive dissappeared?  Did it get up and leave you wondering where did my desire go? 

 It happened to me years ago.  I’m now forty something, with two elementary school aged children and my husband of over twenty years.  Somewhere along the way I lost all my desirous feelings, very rarely ever wanting to have anything to do with sex.  The love and commitment was there all along, but I felt that something was wrong with me to not have the sexual urges and engagement of my early twenties.  I wanted to be desirous of the love of my life and be able to fulfill his needs.  I even had doctors just brush it off as “it’s all in your head and your mindset” or “it’s just part of getting older”.  We tried to be spontaneous here and there, date nights, etc., but it seemed all for naught.


 Then I came across an article in “SHE” magazine written by a local doctor discussing hormonal imbalances and their relationship with sex drive.  So I called the office to check it out.  The doctor himself called me one evening encouraging me to come in and have a simple blood workup done to check my hormone levels.  We found that I had about the lowest level of testosterone that he had ever seen, and that my Vitamin D level was also extremely low.  That only stood to reason as my energy levels and general drive for life had also been low.  He suggested monthly testosterone shots and bioidentical progesterone and estrogen creams. 

With some testosterone in my system, I almost immediately experienced both a jump in overall energy and a reinvigorated sexual drive that led to much more satisfying sexual experiences than we had had in many years.  After a few shots, both my husband and I have used only occasional testosterone cream, also bioidentical to keep our drives in balance.  I have continued to use all three creams on a regular basis for the past three years to keep the balance with great success.  My pilot light is on ready at any time now for the passions to rise.  My husband and I can really enjoy one another once again!  I feel like I have my life back.

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