Why Should I Supplement my Diet with Vitamins?

Ever wonder why everyone is talking about vitamins these days? 

Well, if you are like most people living in this fast paced world, you find it hard to eat the healthy and natural foods we ate forty years ago.    

      Do you remember eating fresh vegetables and fruits from your parent's or a neighbor's garden?

Maybe you remember helping with the process of preparing, blanching, freezing or canning the garden's bountiful harvest?

Do you remember the feeling of having easy access to a ready supply of healthy and wonderful tasting foods during the non-growing time of the year?


In our quest for quick fixes, we've lost touch with what constitutes a healthy diet. We've traded in garden fresh nutrition for the convenience of boxed and packaged foods that have been stripped of all or most of their nutritive value. It seems, somewhere along the way, we've lost touch with what should be considered good food. 

Sure, in todays world, we do take time to read labels. BUT! We fail to understand many ingredients come in a form that the body cannot process efficiently.

Though the label says it contains so many milligrams of this or that, or the "product" ads say it's good for us, sometimes we are actually poisoning the body with artificial flavorings and manufactured chemicals.

Believing something is good for us because it's FDA approved is a BIG mistake IMHO. Placing blind trust in the FDAs ability to assure a food is safe and healthy, is very possibly the root cause of so many of the pervasive and chronic health issues we seem to be facing today.

Today's health problems do beg the question:

"WHY are so many people developing diseases and illnesses at such an ALARMING rate?"

So how should we respond? 

      Do we listen to the well meaning doctors who are just trying to patch a leak, or mask a symptom? 

Do we continue to try to fix a "nutritional" problem with Big Pharma's poisonous arsenal of pharmaceuticals?


Do we dig our heels in and address the root cause of the problem? 

Please, join us in our trek to find answers to these and many more questions as we journey to better health and well being.

Over the next few weeks we will focus on the importance of adding vitamins and "natural" herbal supplements to our diets.

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